Bicycle rental is run by "Inne Michał Wysmułek" company, based in Łódź, Wojska Polskiego 88/35 st. Rental of a bicycle takes place in accordance with these regulations and the current price list, based on a written rental agreement between the Renter and the Adult Lender.


To borrow equipment, the lender must be an adult and sober person, sign a bicycle rental agreement, and declare that you are familiar with this policy, accept its content, and adopt a technically efficient bike.


Bicycle rental is based on valid ID / ID, passport or driver’s license, from which the rental agent writes data to the rental card.


A refundable deposit of PLN 100 for the rental of the bicycle isn’t charged anymore.


The rental company has the right to refuse to rent a bicycle without giving a reason.


Equipment rental fees are charged in advance according to the price list. The rental company reserves the right to charge an additional fee for the excess rental time.


The rental lends the equipment fully operational, which the Lender has the right to check before signing the contract.


For defects hidden in parts, materials and accessories, the rental is not liable.


The customer has the right to choose the bike they want, in terms of their tastes, rental options, and service personnel’s suggestions.


The lender is obliged to use the bicycle and its equipment as intended.


It is forbidden to use bicycles in rough terrain and must be returned clean.


Damages resulting from improper use of the rental equipment are the responsibility of the customer and he also covers all costs associated with repairing the equipment according to the invoice issued by the service workshop.


The rental company reserves the right to refuse to accept the equipment at a time when the damage will be so severe that its repair will become unprofitable. In this case, the Lender is obliged to pay all the value of rented equipment (bicycle), according to the accounts submitted by the Rental.


If the bicycle is rented to a third party by the Lender, Lender is responsible for any damages that may occur.


It is forbidden to perform any repairs, modifications or replacement of parts on a rented bicycle. The only authorized entity for these activities is the Rental.


The lender is responsible for the proper protection of the bike and its equipment from theft and any damage. When using a bicycle, the lender must remain sober and not be under the influence of other intoxicants.


In case of loss of rented bike or its equipment due to theft or loss, the lender is obliged to reimburse the equivalent of the value of the bicycle or its equipment, according to the accounts submitted by the Rental.


The bike and its equipment should be returned in a non-deteriorated condition, within the time limit stated in the contract. For renewal of your bike’s return, you should inform the Rental Service on the number 600-630-999.


The rental is not liable for any accidents and damages arising out of the use of the Bicycle by the Lender. The borrower waives all claims against the rental company in the event of accidents, bodily injury or personal injury resulting from rented bicycles.